December 2008

Times SquareWe’ve decided not to follow our original plans of letting the kids stay up ’til midnight, but we have the Times Square activities in the background live from msnbc, so we’ll welcome in the new year with the east coast. That’s late enough it’ll feel like midnight to the kids anyway.

We have another hour and 15 minutes to kill. Shana requests Boggle. Kenan requests Freeze Tag. I think we’ll go with Shana’s suggestion!


Last night of Hannukah

P&L, thank you for the beautiful hannukah candles!

Hand-dipped hannukah candles

The Parent-Pak

Kenan has inspired two inventions today.

The Parent-Pak

Every parent should have one of these handy two-part packages with them at all times. One tube contains a powerful tranquilizer to feed to the child.  The other contains a powerful stimulant for the parent.  Take once every four hours or as directed by your spouse. Do not exceed four doses per day.


The Repeater

This digital voice recorder pins onto your shirt or can be worn as a pendant around your neck. Its hands-free voice-activate decibel-sensitive logic means every command you yell at your child is recorded, then re-played every minute (or at set intervals of your choice).  Optionally randomly changes emphasis.  “Sit down Kenan.”  “Sit DOWN Kenan.”  “Kenan, SIT DOWN!”

Runs on two AA batteries.  Batteries not included.

Voice Repeater

Some pictures from Christmas and Boxing Day.

Waiting patiently to open gifts.

Waiting to open gifts

Books from Nikki, Tony and André:

Books from the Geleynse kids

Shana is very excited about the Legos from Tony.  “I think it’s really cool that he made a house just for me!”

Legos from Tony

She made a train station for the Thomas train set Kenan got from us:

Lego train station

Kenan with his train set:

Kenan with his train set

Milk and a cookie for Santa, and a rose for the missus.Despite Helen and I both feeling sick today (I’m just getting over a cold, Helen’s just starting), we had a very nice, calm, and meaningful Christmas Eve.  Maybe it’s because we’re feeling sick–we canceled all the big plans that would have seen us driving all around town and making fancy dinners and exhausting ourselves, and instead did only the low-key stay-at-home family things.

We started the evening lighting the hannukah candles (it’s the fourth night) and singing the blessings, then had a splendid low-key dinner by Helen.  (I must say, I prefer it when hannukah is further away from Christmas–I can only celebrate one thing at a time!)

After dinner we ate popcorn and drank hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks while listening to Johnny Whitaker read Charles Tazewell’s The Littlest Angel, then read the last part of the Journey to Christmas, a book we’ve been reading every day leading up to Christmas.

Now Kenan is in bed singing Away in a Manger to himself.  Shana wrote a note to Santa (she says she doesn’t believe in him, but she sure acts like she does!) and is reading in bed. Helen and I are biding our time waiting for the kids to finally go to sleep so we can don our elven hats and fill their stockings.

Here’s Shana’s note.  See if you can make sense of it, and post your translation here–Santa may need your help.  :-/  (We’ve got to put some more effort into her spelling!)

Shana's note to Santa

… my true love gave to me
two little dreidls
and a latke in a pear tree

Kenan thinks he can win by might:

Kenan plays very competitively 

Shana wins with focused concentration:

Shana wills her dreidl to win her the pot

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