September 2010

Shana’s reaction as she walked in to her surprise party:

Beyond the fact that the whole party was (amazingly!) kept a secret from Shana, it also had a mystery theme.  All the kids were transformed into detectives and spent the afternoon solving the Mystery of Helen’s Lost Jewels.

They found mysterious footprints…

Decoded secret messages…

Searched high and low…

And eventually found the rings … in the birthday cake!

And what a beautiful birthday cake!  Grandma decorated it to perfectly replicate Shana’s new bed spread.  And the icing is coloured with beet powder, spinach powder and of course cocoa–no artificial colours needed.

Let’s see that masterpiece again:


God is healing Shana’s finger beautifully.  A nail is growing back and fresh new skin can be seen under the scab.

Wishing you a good and sweet year!

Here’s a sample of the tastes and sounds of the Jewish new year in our home today: