June 2010

I think rather than biking across Canada this year I’m going to bike from Calgary to Kemptville.  Judging from last year’s performance (3000 km in the year) I won’t quite make it.  Can someone pick me up in North Bay around Christmas time?

Right now I’m in the town of Rugby, North Dakota.  It’s nearly halfway through my route, and it also lays claim to being the Center of North America!


Kenan invited all the neighborhood superheros over today to celebrate his turning 6!  (Yes, a couple of days early; don’t write ‘Belated’ yet on that card sitting by your door.)

We turned our back yard into a Superhero Training Camp for the event.

(Shana is dressed as her superhero, Gladys Aylward.)

To earn their capes, aspiring superheros had to carry a water balloon while they worked their way through a challenging obstacle course, then throw the balloon at a fire and thus save Metropolis from certain destruction.

Here’s Kenan as spiderman:

Happy Birthday, Kenan!

Shana's finished headboard


 I’ve finished the beds! Yes, this is Helen writing, I actually did all the work on these beds myself.   Shana got a pretty design in colors to match her room and her new bedding, which is still on order.  Kenan (below) got a moon, stars, and planets design to go along with his rocketship room. 

Kenan's Headboard

Can you believe these are the same beds that Nate and Ben slept on all those years ago?  And Andre and Tony too? 

I'm so happy!


I'm all ready to be tucked in!

Shana’s window shade came in too, which makes it much easier to fall asleep when it’s light out already until 10:00 at night! We have curtains for this window too, which you can see somewhat behind the glass of her door.  A second set is still on order for the window. 

Good night all!  Sleep tight!