October 2006

From caterpilar to butterfly.Halloween


img_6415.JPGThe kids have finally got their wish… a bunkbed!  These are the same beds my brother and I shared when we were kids, and S&K’s cousins André and Tony until a few years ago.  Shana and Kenan are ecstatic.  I’m not sure they’ll sleep tonight.  If you were here, Shana would be explaining to you the intricacies of climbing up the rungs to get in and out of bed, and the special rules like “no falling off the bed”.  Kenan (thankfully!) can’t climb up to the top yet (I’m sure he’ll figure it out by the end of the week) but he’s happy to sleep in “his cave”.  And it looks like Mommy’s going to have to find a different place to sit to read bedtime stories.


  • There are a surprising number of other cyclists, joggers and walkers crazy enough to be out at 6 am in -11 degree weather.
  • Two layers on the legs and four on the torso is just about the right mix.
  • Two layers on the hands is not enough!
  • My right hand has worse circulation than my left.
  • Helmets don’t keep your head warm.  A thin hat would have been nice.  (I had ear muffs but nothing on the top of the head.)
  • The homeless man who’s usually sleeping next to a pedestrian bridge on my route must have decided to use a homeless shelter last night.
  • A red light on the back of your helmet does not make you more visible!  Put it on your seat post.  A light on your backpack is hardly better, it’s always pointing off in the wrong direction.  (Mine’s on my seat post.)
  • A thin layer of snow can hide some nasty icy patches!
  • I haven’t needed them yet, but one of these days I’m going to be very appreciative of the fence by the curve at the bottom of the hill overlooking the river!
  • Breathing through a muffler is actually quite toasty warm!  I’m still using the same red knitted muffler I had as a kid, the one with a line of blue yarn added as an afterthought to differentiate it from my brother’s.

Shana Snow Mermaid

img_6395.JPGWe acquired some mini pumpkins and the kids had an absolute blast decorating them.  I used the hot glue gun for the first time ever (Agi, where are you when I need you???) and Kenan still ripped off the eyes even though I thought it was dry, so in this picture they are timorously attached with scotch tape.  I still thought they needed something more, and bought yarn for hair the next day, so updated pictures may be coming!  Also I’d like to try to get a better picture of Shana, and of her pumpkin.  She was so excited to decorate it and enjoyed herself so much.  Crafty girl! img_6388.JPG

I’m exhausted and busy so I won’t be able to write as much about this great evening as I’d like, but I at least wanted to mention it while it’s still fresh in my mind.

The Covenant Awards are being held in Calgary this weekend, bringing many big-name Christian artists to the city.  One of them was Brian Doerksen.  Brian and his producer and co-writer and background vocalist and keyboardist, Philip Janz, and band, put on a concert at Centre Street Church last night.  And at the last minute (last Sunday actually) I heard they wanted a choir to join them.  I jumped at the chance!

We weren’t the most organised choir–meeting for the first time two hours before the concert, with no sheet music, only lyric sheets.  But Brian and Philip are so relaxed, even though they had expected us to have practiced the pieces beforehand, they took it all in stride and just told us if we can’t remember our parts, sing loud and have fun!  And did we ever.

Brian doesn’t really do “concerts”, he does “worship services”.  He looks and talks and sings like just another regular guy who loves God.  That’s what I most enjoyed about singing with him.  For me being in front of 500 people still makes me a bit self-conscious, so I’d say I could have worshiped more freely if I were in the audience rather than on stage, but I wouldn’t have switched places for anything.  This was one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for me, and I’m glad I was able (and Helen enabled me!) to be so spontaneous.

Yes, I bought a CD in the lobby and got it autographed.  🙂

But I was out of the house at 6 am and didn’t get back until nearly midnight, so I’m bushed!  Good night!


Not sure yet if this is a new trend for Shana or just a one-off picture.  Completely unprompted, her picture for me this morning included an alphabet written across the top!

Shana’s Alphabet House

Some other fascinating factoids she explains:

  • “FOS” is the name of the girl in the picture.  She often writes the name once using random letters, then copies it elsewhere on the picture.
  • “EAONA” is the name of the city.
  • There are three blue bedroom windows, she explains to Mommy, “because you and Daddy sleep in the same bed!”
  • There’s a wreath on the door.  I have no clue what made her think of that!
  • “I drew myself [FOS] twice, but I put different paper hair on.”

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