Yesterday we journeyed to a Fairy Land of Sweets and ballerinas as we went to the Alberta Ballet’s The Nutcracker.  We prepped the kids with the movie of George Ballanchine’s the Nutcracker we received from Phyllis a year or two ago, so they knew the storyline and were very excited.   I was very surprised that practically every other family in our first balcony seats was there with kids!  Tons and tons of kids everywhere, many dressed in their Christmas best, so we didn’t have to worry so much about whispering and shifting in seats. 

At The NutcrackerWe took a picture of ourselves afterwards near a Christmas tree , but Kenan must have been very overtired and crabby because he would NOT pose with us while a very nice man offered to take the picure for us.  Kenan says NO!





We made crafts during the week before, Kenan made a nutcracker and Shana made a ballerina. Shana’s is not quite finished yet, but Kenan is VERY proud of his, he in fact is fascinated and obsessed with the Nutcracker, wants a Nutcracker-Prince costume, is swinging his sword around the house all day pretending to kill mice and the King Rat (his favorite part, by the way) and in general loves everything Nutcracker.  Notice the sword, by the way, it is the most important part of his costume!  We have yet to see if he continues with his Tap classes and if this fuels a love for dance!Kenan's Nutcracker

All in all a special memory that we will treasure for a long time.  A very long time, if we always have to pay full price to attend!