January 2011

Trouble Number One:

It’s 9:15 pm.  We’ve been playing calm, sleepy bedtime music for a full hour.  We both thought the kids were asleep.

Kenan pipes up.

Hey guys, I have some pretty amazing news here.

I can count to Ten Billion and Eleven …     by TWOS!

Trouble Number Two:

Last weekend Nate took the kids to a real movie theater to see Tangled, the latest kids offering from Disney.  This is about the 3rd time they’ve been to a movie theater in their memory.  There was nothing in that movie that we thought could possibly be inappropriate for them to see without us previewing and over-analyzing it first.

As they are walking down the hallway towards their theater, there is a huge sign, larger than life-size, advertising another movie with a scantily-clad couple getting  into bed together.

Shana pipes up.

Daddy, what’s that?

Daddy mumbled under his breath,

That’s the reason we don’t usually go to the movies!


Last night we reached a critical milestone in any family’s development:  we introduced the kids to Boggle.  And they loved it!

Kenan and Shana were both finding words at their level–Kenan could do one- and two-letter words and the odd three-letter word, and Shana could start at two-letter words but even found some four-letter words as well.

What words can you find in this partial board?


Have you ever been wished Merry Christmas by Hershey?  Now that’s a treat!  Today I picked up a whole box of Twizzlers, Nibs and Other Goodies sent to us by Hershey’s PR team that liked the name of our blog.  Thanks guys!  🙂

Now please visit our new blogs at www.goldbars.comwww.my.family.loves.honda.odyssey.net, and www.ourkidswanttogotocalvin.ca.

Kenan dared me to grow my facial hair over Christmas break.  What does he think of it?  “Softness!  It feels soft!”


Happy 2011 Everyone!

I hope you celebrated in style!  We celebrated in our own quirky style, and thought we’d share!

Late night snack of warm apple cider with cinnamon sticks and yummy sticky cinnamon buns.

(Ordered online and had delivered with our groceries, as befits our current state of house management.)

We watched the ball drop in NYC at 10pm our time, and counted down with plenty of confetti!  That was sure fun!

Then we got ready for bed and let the kids stay up in bed until midnight if they could, by the time we got them settled it was already 11, so they made it to midnight no problem, then I think Kenan had the sense to go to sleep but Shana stayed up making crafts to greet us in the hallway on New Year’s Day!

We really liked that confetti!

Here’s to a great 2011!