December 2009


Opening books from the kids

What could this be?!

What could this be?!

Making my wish

Yum! Birthday pie.

Thanks everyone for a great birthday!

We got to use tonight’s gift right away, making cookies in shapes of dreidels, menorahs, torahs and stars.  But we were only allowed to eat one before bed–how UNFAIR is that?!

Three blog entries in one day!  It’s been busy around here!

After Kenan’s resounding debut as Joseph, he was invited to participate in a production of The Nutcracker.

Peeking through the Keyhole

Tea from China

Star Performer

This was the last of four classes at a community art/dance centre, and Kenan loved it!  He loves dance, he loves acting, and he loves dressing up, and this combined all three.

Ever since L&P gave us The Nutcracker on video a few years ago, Kenan has been enthralled with the ballet.  We even have a couple books of it he often requests to be read.  He always wants to be the Nutcracker Prince and slay the Mouse King.  Today he got to play all the parts.

Anybody for some latkes?

Grandma and Grandpa hosted us down in their apartment for the third night, and hid little electric votive candles around the suite for the kids to find.  Grandma knows exactly what the kids enjoy!

The second night of Chanukah was eclipsed by our church’s Family Christmas production, where Kenan starred as Joseph.  (Well, his one “line” was to bow when they mentioned Joseph, but he was very proud of it nonetheless.)

He was the perfect Jewish boy with his kippah.  If Jesus was born anywhere near this time of year, I bet his parents were celebrating Chanukah too!

Sadly, Shana was home sick with Grandma, and couldn’t play her part.

It’s great mixing cultures in December.  We just finished exchanging gifts for Sinter Klaas Day last week, and now we get eight nights of Chanukah, with Christmas still to come (not to mention my birthday)!

Helen was amazing today, cleaning house and making a great dinner for the confluence of Shabbat and the first night of Chanukah.  Thanks Helen, you’re the best!

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