The Parent-Pak

Kenan has inspired two inventions today.

The Parent-Pak

Every parent should have one of these handy two-part packages with them at all times. One tube contains a powerful tranquilizer to feed to the child.  The other contains a powerful stimulant for the parent.  Take once every four hours or as directed by your spouse. Do not exceed four doses per day.


The Repeater

This digital voice recorder pins onto your shirt or can be worn as a pendant around your neck. Its hands-free voice-activate decibel-sensitive logic means every command you yell at your child is recorded, then re-played every minute (or at set intervals of your choice).  Optionally randomly changes emphasis.  “Sit down Kenan.”  “Sit DOWN Kenan.”  “Kenan, SIT DOWN!”

Runs on two AA batteries.  Batteries not included.

Voice Repeater