October 2010




“Aaah!!  Put me down!  Put me down!”

Don’t they look cozy?!

We didn’t notice until after supper was popping that we were out of frozen OJ.  Quelle horreur!

Fortunately we also had a batch of oranges sitting on the counter that were wasting away because they were too tough to eat.  It was a fun family job hand-squeezing them, and well worth it for that fresh taste!  Five oranges yielded a glass and a half to split three ways.

We intended to introduce some friends to a traditional Canadian Thanksgiving, but that would be too boring!  So instead we all experienced a multinational celebration.  Besides the turkey and cranberry sauce, we also enjoyed plantain from the Congo and moimoi (bean cakes–spicy!) and bean balls from Nigeria.


Helen says “Parker Rolls” are a traditional Thanksgiving bread, so we looked it up in our Joy of Cooking and made a batch, which were a big hit to our kids.  They couldn’t believe they were home-made–I think it’s because I used wheat flour instead of spelt.  I loved it too!  As bad as it is to our digestive systems, wheat sure is a joy to bake with!  🙂

After dinner we lit a fire in the firepit and roasted marshmallows (a first for all our guests) until the rain chased everyone home.  But even after everyone had left, the kids and I brought blankets out back, threw on a few more logs, and cuddled up by the fire telling stories until bed time.


Two apple pies in out of the oven…

Come on over tomorrow to try them out!

Come to Shawna’s birthday party soon if you want some!