Kids’ Quotes

We had a busy day around here today!  There’s the news in the States, an election here in Canada, our 13th wedding anniversary, and, here is Kenan with some more breaking news:


Trouble Number One:

It’s 9:15 pm.  We’ve been playing calm, sleepy bedtime music for a full hour.  We both thought the kids were asleep.

Kenan pipes up.

Hey guys, I have some pretty amazing news here.

I can count to Ten Billion and Eleven …     by TWOS!

Trouble Number Two:

Last weekend Nate took the kids to a real movie theater to see Tangled, the latest kids offering from Disney.  This is about the 3rd time they’ve been to a movie theater in their memory.  There was nothing in that movie that we thought could possibly be inappropriate for them to see without us previewing and over-analyzing it first.

As they are walking down the hallway towards their theater, there is a huge sign, larger than life-size, advertising another movie with a scantily-clad couple getting  into bed together.

Shana pipes up.

Daddy, what’s that?

Daddy mumbled under his breath,

That’s the reason we don’t usually go to the movies!

Shana, with a huge smile, as she’s making an obstacle course out of streamers in the master bedroom, purportedly “decorating” for Helen’s birthday party:

When kids get decorating, they go crazy!


Notice the little stool placed so we can step over the streamer.

Kenan, sprawled on the ice for the nth time at our community skating rink and looking longingly at some teens playing hockey nearby:

Daddy, it’s taking a long time
for me to be a grownup!

After the kids were in bed tonight I followed a nostalgic prompting and turned up the volume while listening to La complainted du phoque en Alaska.  Kenan called me over after the chorus and asked seriously, “Daddy, is this the one where he misses his girlfriend because she’s balancing balls on her nose?”  “Yes, that’s right dear.”  A big smile quickly spread over his face.  “Good, I love that one.” 

Apparently I’m doing something right raising my kids.  🙂

P.S.  I bought my copy on iTunes, but you can find it on YouTube if you’re feeling nostalgic tonight too…

Houses that are boring are a piece of poop.
Pretty houses are a girl’s dress.
And we live in a girl’s dress.


Kenan:  How do you say “water bottle” in French?

Mom:  Bouteille d’eau.

Kenan:  Potato?!

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