February 2009


Yesterday Kenan was sick.  Today three of us are–we’re not sure about Helen because she hasn’t gotten up yet.

I like a sick Kenan better than a sick Shana.  Kenan just lies on the couch looking awful and not moving, drifting in and out of consciousness.  He looks so cute and pitiful that I want to coddle him.

Shana is a demanding patient, moaning about some new ache or pain every few minutes and expecting someone to jump up to get a remedy for each.  My natural reactino  is negative, to yell at her to suck it up, or go get your own glass of water this time.  I have to force myself to treat her kindly and to remember she probably does feel just as miserable as Kenan.


Waiting for BrowniesBrownies for Valentine’s Day, and we can’t wait!

Mouth-wateringly read!

Talk about a clean kitchen!Talk about a clean kitchen!  The cleaning crew has removed several of our cabinets in order to clean them at their own shop.

They’ll seal the smoke in and repaint.  They also did a more thorough cleaning job of the walls behind them now that they could access them.

In the meantime, the clean dishes get stored on the floor behind the craft table!

In other smoking news:  since we’ve been having ongoing (and unrelated) furnace work, we had the furnace guy inspect the furnace and ducts for smoke damage.  The end result is we’ll get a full cleaning of the ducts (covered by insurance), but the furnace and brand-new humidifier look fine thanks to the top-of-the-line furnace filter I was using.