Shana's finished headboard


 I’ve finished the beds! Yes, this is Helen writing, I actually did all the work on these beds myself.   Shana got a pretty design in colors to match her room and her new bedding, which is still on order.  Kenan (below) got a moon, stars, and planets design to go along with his rocketship room. 

Kenan's Headboard

Can you believe these are the same beds that Nate and Ben slept on all those years ago?  And Andre and Tony too? 

I'm so happy!


I'm all ready to be tucked in!

Shana’s window shade came in too, which makes it much easier to fall asleep when it’s light out already until 10:00 at night! We have curtains for this window too, which you can see somewhat behind the glass of her door.  A second set is still on order for the window. 

Good night all!  Sleep tight!


Here you go Ben, this is what we’ve been up to.
We took apart the beds and sanded them down, set them up in the garage to paint, and started giving them a new coat of brown paint. The kids are thrilled to be sleeping on the floor!

Today in Carpenter Kindergarten I learned how to cover up the finishing nails in the chair rail.

I hate painting.  Let me make that clear right off the bat.  Nonetheless we are getting better at it, and I think the transformation of Shana’s room is coming along quite nicely!  🙂

Planning how to start:


Waiting patiently while Mommy and Daddy work:

Hmm, something looks different…

A week or two later (we’re nowhere near as efficient at this as Luke the Handy Husband) and the painting is done!

Next up:

  • a chair rail (hopefully this weekend)
  • window coverings (hopefully this weekend)
  • new shelving in the closet (losing hope for this weekend)
  • move at least some furniture back (you guessed it:  this weekend)

Here are some more pics of our house–including the new Ikea bookcases and new TV!

Mom’s been bugging me to get something up on the blog other than Christmas pictures! 😉

I do hope to get more news and kid pics up soon–they’re on the camera just waiting for us to have time to do something about them!

-Nate on Helen’s iPhone.

We’re feeling the heat–not only the temperature, but also the fact that my parents will be moving in to our basement suite in just over a month!

To make room for them, the first thing to be done is organize the storage room.  I forgot to take a “before” picture of the messy storage room, but here it is in the basement kitchen:

Could *you* live here?

Could *you* live here?

Some of that really needs to be in storage.  Others are boxes we just haven’t unpacked since moving a year ago.

We found some great modular shelving at IKEA.  Heavy-duty metal shelving, free-standing or attached to the wall, large shelves, just what I was looking for (and couldn’t find at the obvious places like Rona, Home Depot, or even Storage Solutions).

So this weekend we finished installing the shelves and started sorting through the piles.  (Helen is currently having fun sorting just one of those boxes, which holds years of old letters!  Remember those?  The kinds made out of paper?)

Ahh, that's more like it!

Ahh, that's more like it!

Here’s the finished product–or at least the landscapers are finished:  now it’s our turn to water, water and water some more for the next couple of weeks!

So what’s been done?  The yard was leveled out so it’s a gentle slope instead of two separate levels; the upper part used to be a gravel parking pad but now the whole thing is sodded; four trees were planted; a garden bed on the north side ready for vegetables and/or flowers in the spring; a ditch along the fence filled in and sodded; and a firepit removed (we’ll likely put it back in a new spot later in the summer).




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