Today we looked up how to vote in the upcoming U.S. elections.  For the rest of our American expat readers, here’s how you can get ready for this November too!

You vote in the county where you last lived in the U.S., but each county has different rules.  Fortunately someone has done all the work for us to figure out what rules apply, making the process fairly simple.

  • Go to
  • Fill in some simple information about yourself, including the last address you had in the U.S.  (That was pretty tough actually!  It took a lot of research to jog our memories enough to put in at least a partial address.)
  • They ask for only the information required by your county.
  • In the end you get 9 pages to print out, including a one-page form you have to mail in (already filled in for you).
  • Sign the form, put it in an envelope, write in the address they give you, and drop it in the mail.

If you have not received your ballot by October 20, the other pages you printed out include an additional form letting you vote without a ballot.