June 2008

Happy 40th anniversary, Mom and Dad!

When Shana and Kenan heard it was your anniversary, they immediately got busy at their craft table drawing you pictures.  Shana had the original idea of drawing you M&Ms, but Kenan did his own coloured dots and had the funniest quote to go along with it, so he gets the attention in this blog entry.  Here’s what he said while proudly showing off his M&M necklace for Grandma:

I’ll give it to Grandma, and she can hang it on her wall.

And then every time we go visit I’ll say “JUST A SEC!!” to you Mom, and I’ll run and get my picture.

And then we shall visit.

Since the picture won’t get to you in time, maybe you can pull out some other masterpiece of theirs and pretend ye shall visit.



Here’s what we did this rainy Sunday:

We learned how from another YouTube video, then practiced while Mommy was napping and put on a magic show for her when she woke up.


I’m a sucker for hidden rooms behind secret panels, so this story in the NY Times felt like heaven to me!  Thanks Bryden for pointing me to it.

Mike and Inge were here for lunch today and showed us this hilarius video.


One of the reasons we bought a new house was because it’s hard for the kids to learn to ride bikes at our old place:  our driveway slopes down to a really busy street, and even the sidewalk is at a steep slope (to a new cyclist anyway) and right next to the street.  The new house is on a quiet side street and with only a gentle slope.

We haven’t even moved in yet and our prayer was already answered!

There’s a park about two blocks from the new house, so on Saturday we moved the bikes to the new place and timid Shana biked the whole way fromt he house to the park while Kenan and I walked.  You go girl!

Every once in a while, on a perfectly flat stretch of sidewalk, she’d suddenly get scared, put her feet down and ask me “is this a hill Dad?”  With my reassurance that it couldn’t be flatter she’d relax and pedal away from us again.  🙂


Kenan can’t grasp how we can own two houses, or which we’re going to end up with.  Nearly every day he asks something like, “Daddy, when are we going to buy our new house?”

On Sunday as we were driving from the new house back to our old one he asked with a deeply puzzled look on his face, “which house is the old one?”

We’re looking forward to moving in for real and putting all this confusion behind us!!  Incidentally, moving day will be Kenan’s birthday, June 21st.  He gets a new bedroom as his birthday present. 🙂