To be alerted when we’ve added something to this blog, you’ve got a few options.

Add us to your Google home page
This is especially useful if you make Google your browser’s home page, so you see it regularly.  Just click this button and the last few entries from this blog will show up every time you visit Google:

Add to Google

Subscribe by email
To get an email every time The Twizzler is updated, click this link and enter your email address:


Subscribe with your web browser
If you’re using Internet Explorer version 7 or Firefox for your web browsing, then you should see the “Feeds” button in the toolbar light up when you visit this blog.  It looks like this:


Click the button and follow the instructions.

In IE7 you’ll then click the “Subscribe to this feed” link in the yellow box at the top of the browser; then make sure your “Feeds” window is open (click the “star” toolbar button, then the “feeds” button) and The Twizzler will show up in bold any time there’s new content.

In Firefox you’ll click OK and a new button labeled The Twizzler will show up in your toolbar, with a list of the most recent articles.



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