Shana eating LatkesReady or not, here it comes!  Tonight was the first night of Hannukah, and we ran to the grocery store after church to get a bag of potatoes ( I was not ready) and we made some Latkes!  How did I do, Craig?  We took some over to a friend’s house afterwards and they said they tasted pretty good.  What is the best way to squeeze the water out after they are grated?  We did it with our fists, like I think I saw Craig do once, but it took a long time and was very messy.  I think we blenderized them too small, otherwise we could have used our strainer.  However, they were not too watery and tasted great and held together better than ever! 

I cooked them in coconut oil, very good for you and does not make trans fats when heated!  They tasted the same…Jewish cooking does not have to be ALL bad for you!  Latkes