July 2010

The real highlights from our time in Chicago can’t be posted in a blog:  catching up with old friends from childhood and college days; sharing time with family; Justin & Judy’s idyllic back yard; hanging out with Shawna & Joel at the neighbourhood pool (twice!); visiting Helen’s old haunts…

The real highlights will have to remain memories.  But at least we can blog some of the photo highlights…

Visiting Legoland


It was so cool (weather aside) to go to a real baseball game (Schaumburg Flyers) with Grandpa and Uncle Andy!  Front-row seats; ice cream that melted so quickly the cones were soggy; and getting a real baseball autographed…


Swimming was a major theme throughout our week in record-hot Chicago, whether at our hotel pool, wading pools, community pools, or a hippo-themed water park at a mall, we were always happy to be wet.

Or in the shade…


Real double-crusted Chicago-style pizza, from the source!  “Does this cheese ever end?!”


We miss you already, Uncle Andy and Grandpa!


Click on over to the Calgary Stampede website and see if you don’t recognize someone…

We’re celebrating it the way the natives do this year:

Hamburgers and chips
Running kids
Blankets on the grass
The smells of beer and bug spray
Ice cream
Whistling firecrackers from the neighbourhood
Smiling faces
Lines for the porta potties
Glow sticks
Insect repellant

…and finally what we’ve all been waiting for…

Happy fourth!