Home School

This is a great little talk on the arts in education. 

(From http://www.raisingsmallsouls.com/education-creativity/)



Today was the first day of school for the public schools around here, and Shana was not among the hopefuls.  We are embarking on homeschooling this year and today we learned the letter T.  Now don’t be too impressed, it’s only the third letter she knows!  She couldn’t wait any longer so we geared up a week or so ago.  Actually she knows how to write many of the letters and fills up pages and pages of construction paper with her own rendition of writing. 

 It’s much easier for me to contemplate teaching her to read than it is to get her to school, on time, five days a week!  Bundle up both her and Kenan, walk to school, by the time I would get home I’d have to turn around and do it again two hours later.  That stresses me out.  But teaching my intelligent and wonderful daughter how to read?  What  joy. 

This is a picture she drew recently of me, Daddy, and Grandpa.  I like the differences in the pictures, seeing them right next to each other like that.    Quite the artist!