June 2011

We had a fun birthday party for Kenan today.  Invited over 4 of his friends from school and a neighbor girl to play with Shana.  It was the easiest birthday party we have ever done:  we rented a bouncy tent and just let them play.  It was a risk…they might get wild and crazy with no structure…but apparently there was enough room for the wildness because we had no injuries or meltdowns or any other problems.  Nate also made animal balloons for them, everyone loves balloons!

Everyone loves cake too!  What a cutie!

The cake was dinosaurs playing soccer.

Kenan can read his own cards now!


The snake hot dogs I made them for lunch!  

Happy Birthday to the most adorable seven year old I know!  We love you Kenan!




Finally, CBC Calgary’s OTA (over-the-air) signal has gone digital!  For the first time in my life I was able to see the puck during a hockey game.  Unfortunately Luongo saw more of the puck than he wanted.

We now have three crystal-clear channels coming in through our rabbit ears.  There’s still nothing good on, but at least it’s in HD!


Shana’s softball team took part in a tournament this weekend, and came away with gold!

Here she is receiving her gold medal.

Up at Bat

It's a hit!

Coming Home

Taking her turn as "Back Catcher"

Back Catcher in action

We are so proud of you, Shana!