April 2011

Shana’s first softball game of the season!




I honestly took this picture today, April 2nd, 2011, this afternoon.  We woke up to about 2 or 3 inches already on the ground, and by dinnertime it’s up to over 8 inches that we measured with our little plastic rulers at home!   That’s over 20 centimeters, if you think that is more impressive.  Thick heavy flakes, lots of fun to play in!  As for me, I took this picture from inside.

Daddy made a snowboy!

Wow!  Shana and Kenan were asked today to be a part of Stephen Harper’s inauguration (if he gets re-elected of course)!  They will be part of a children’s choir formed of children from Harper’s home riding, and will be singing Harper’s praises when results are in on May 3rd.  We haven’t heard yet what they sing if he loses the election.

Kenan says “I love this because I love to sing!”

Shana says “I think my experience in my school choir will help me to sing really well.”