Despite our rather extreme diet today, twizzlers have played a central role in our relationship from the beginning.  To us they are synonymous with travel–another thing we enjoy that has been limited by health.  So although at first this blog seems to have nothing to do with twizzlers, in fact they represent all that we aspire to.


6 Responses to “About the Twizzler Blog”

  1. Wendy Jager Says:

    Helen and Nate,

    How great to know that you are all still out there. Checking my e-mail tonight I saw your blog announcement. It was nice to hear about your kids and know a bit of what you are all up to. We are fine and well here in NJ. There are 4 of us now too. Olivia is 5 and in K and Eliot is 18 months.

    Wendy Jager

  2. Mom and Don Says:

    You are minimizing the vast and meaningful background of your blog name! It’s so much more than a sugary food. Don’t you know of the newspaper published in the coffeehouses of 18th century London? The vehicle by which a certain saint (whose last name we cannot mention for security purposes) proselytised to an unheeding public? The pastiche popularized by Dickens in the novel Martin Chuzzlewitt (he had a thing for the letter “z” that year–“zed” to those of you north of the border)?

    Also, if you google “Turkey Twizzler” you come up with some interesting information. You can put it in the next recipe book.

    Mom and Don

  3. Helen Says:

    Wendy! I’m so glad you wrote in. I was wondering if that email address would still be good. A belated congratulations on Eliot! I heard that you were expecting your second any day, could that have been 18 months ago! wow. I’d love to catch up.
    Your friend,

  4. Rick Russo Says:

    Nate and Helen,

    Hello! Great website! I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and blessings for 2007.


  5. Sue Says:

    Delighted to come across your site while I was checking out Phyllis’. Love the pictures and the family news.

    Aunt Sue

  6. Linsey Flannery Says:

    Hi Helen and Nate,

    I work with Twizzlers in Canada and came across your family’s blog. We love what you called the blog and would like to send you a package in appreciation, and to ensure you have even more travel snacks for your next road trip! If you could provide your mailing address, we’d be happy to ship this to you this week — just in time for the holidays! You can reach me at


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