Trouble Number One:

It’s 9:15 pm.  We’ve been playing calm, sleepy bedtime music for a full hour.  We both thought the kids were asleep.

Kenan pipes up.

Hey guys, I have some pretty amazing news here.

I can count to Ten Billion and Eleven …     by TWOS!

Trouble Number Two:

Last weekend Nate took the kids to a real movie theater to see Tangled, the latest kids offering from Disney.  This is about the 3rd time they’ve been to a movie theater in their memory.  There was nothing in that movie that we thought could possibly be inappropriate for them to see without us previewing and over-analyzing it first.

As they are walking down the hallway towards their theater, there is a huge sign, larger than life-size, advertising another movie with a scantily-clad couple getting  into bed together.

Shana pipes up.

Daddy, what’s that?

Daddy mumbled under his breath,

That’s the reason we don’t usually go to the movies!