One of the reasons we bought a new house was because it’s hard for the kids to learn to ride bikes at our old place:  our driveway slopes down to a really busy street, and even the sidewalk is at a steep slope (to a new cyclist anyway) and right next to the street.  The new house is on a quiet side street and with only a gentle slope.

We haven’t even moved in yet and our prayer was already answered!

There’s a park about two blocks from the new house, so on Saturday we moved the bikes to the new place and timid Shana biked the whole way fromt he house to the park while Kenan and I walked.  You go girl!

Every once in a while, on a perfectly flat stretch of sidewalk, she’d suddenly get scared, put her feet down and ask me “is this a hill Dad?”  With my reassurance that it couldn’t be flatter she’d relax and pedal away from us again.  🙂