Qu'Appelle City Hall

Qu'Appelle City Hall

If I had been biking across Canada since January 1st instead of biking to work, I would be jobless and penniless by now.

But perhaps of more interest, I’d be penniless in Qu’Appelle, SK, 1780 km from Vancouver, according to everyone’s best friend Google.

I’m taking a forced medical break in Qu’Appelle as my arm is acting up again.

Besides the cool name, Qu’Appelle has an interesting history (according to our other friend, Wikipedia).  This sleepy town with a population hovering around 650 was once expected to be a major metropolis for the then-NWT.  Apparently its future plans were quashed when Pile-of-Bones–a waterless, treeless wasteland now known as Regina (though from the way Canadians blush when they say that you really wonder if it was an improvement)–was named territorial capital by a man with an undenied conflict of interest. (Lieutenant-Governor Edgar Dewdney owned land by Pile-of-Bones.)

That’s your Canadian geography and history lesson of the day, brought to you in part by Specialized.  Experience the Road.