We intended to introduce some friends to a traditional Canadian Thanksgiving, but that would be too boring!  So instead we all experienced a multinational celebration.  Besides the turkey and cranberry sauce, we also enjoyed plantain from the Congo and moimoi (bean cakes–spicy!) and bean balls from Nigeria.


Helen says “Parker Rolls” are a traditional Thanksgiving bread, so we looked it up in our Joy of Cooking and made a batch, which were a big hit to our kids.  They couldn’t believe they were home-made–I think it’s because I used wheat flour instead of spelt.  I loved it too!  As bad as it is to our digestive systems, wheat sure is a joy to bake with!  🙂

After dinner we lit a fire in the firepit and roasted marshmallows (a first for all our guests) until the rain chased everyone home.  But even after everyone had left, the kids and I brought blankets out back, threw on a few more logs, and cuddled up by the fire telling stories until bed time.