Quick Takes

  1. Yesterday was spent in a fever of anticipation, waiting for the delivery of our new grand piano.  Today was spent coming to grips with the fact Phyllis bought it for her family, not ours.  Drat!  Congratulations Tony, I hope we can hear you play one of these days!
  2. This morning I (Nate) went shopping with Shana for clothes.  Things got slower and slower as the day progressed.  Socks at Sears shortly after they opened, nice and quick.  The library next door was also fast.  More clothes at Gap involved a half hour in line (only two of four cash registers open–wassup widdat?).  Followed by a car wash with a 45 minute line up.  Fortunately we were both happy to read our library books and eat our lunches quietly in the car.  I decided I didn’t need to shop for boots after all.
  3. This afternoon I watched The Dawn Treader.  Excellent movie.  Different than the book, but still felt true to the message.  Will Poulter did a great job acting the part of Eustace, turning from nasty to nice in a very believable way.  I look forward to seeing him again in the next movie.  I think I could even show The Dawn Treader to our kids when it’s out on DVD, something I can’t say about Prince Caspian.
  4. Got our stocking stuffers taken care of.
  5. Now we’re watching Fantasia 2000 before bed.
  6. Oh, movie’s over, better get the kids into PJs!