This old body ain’t what it used to be!

I had three hours of soccer coach training this morning in preparation for Kenan’s U6 soccer starting up next week.  And I’m pooped!  Blisters on both feet and aching muscles.  What have I got myself into?!

It was fun though.  Hanging out with a bunch of other dad and mom volunteers, learning how to teach the core soccer skills to kids while keeping it fun and keeping their interest.  We learned the ABC of soccer (Always Ball Control), what ball control is (keep the ball within one step), how to do a push pass (point your toe, your knee and your belly button (kids love belly buttons!) where you want the ball to go), how to receive a pass (control, look, pass it on), and how to teach those basics creatively.

Fortunately they run the coaches harder than we’re expected to run our little charges.  I’ll be (assistant-)coaching Kenan and his team two days a week but only 45 minutes each day.

And he can’t wait!  This morning he put on his shin guards, soccer socks, soccer shoes and last year’s team shirt in a show of sportsmanship as I left home for my three hour torture session.

Here he is last summer: