[This is not for my usual family audience!  It’s for other cyclists who’ve had the same problem I have, so they can find this solution through a Google search and save themselves some of the money and frustration this has cost me in the past.]

I’ve been using a Cateye Strada cyclocomputer for about three years for my 30km daily year-round commute and love it.  I love the buttonless experience (just press the face itself to switch modes) and the toolless installation.  I bought an extra harness kit and switch the computer back and forth between my summer and winter bikes.

But the winters in Calgary are harsh, and every winter I’ve had the same problem.  A little plastic clip in the harness that snaps the computer into place breaks off from the cold, and without it the computer won’t stay put.

The last two year I’ve forked over the money to buy a new harness kit, but those things cost nearly as much as a whole new computer.

This year I came up with a simple solution right in line with the toolless philosophy:  an o-ring.

I realized on closer inspection that the back of the Strada has a hump that slides into the harness.  An o-ring (or rubber band) can fit over that protrusion and keep it in its base.

The other end of the o-ring hooks around the headset on my road bike.  If I were to do this on my mountain bike I could wrap the o-ring around the handlebar and attach it right back up to the Strada.

I think the end product looks just as good as the original, and it’s sturdier to boot.