We’re expecting a large crowd for Passover this year (not that anyone’s surprised).  Somewhere between 14 and 20 guests all told, about half of them children.  But where to seat them?!

We have an assortment of tables but they’re rather hard to work with, most of them round so they can’t fit next to each other, all of them different heights.  So yesterday (thanks Sharon for the idea!) I cut up some nice birch plywood and made us a 4’x9′ table that fits neatly into our regular dining room table for a combined length of over 14′.  That’s enough for 16 people.  If we get 20 we’re going to have to be even more creative.

That was the second-best part, that we now have a nice long table.  The best part was that of course I had to buy some new tools.