Helen is going out this morning to do some shopping that can’t be put off any more.  She may invite Kenan to go along to his favourite, Scholar’s Choice, even though he already spent all his savings on a new watch.

Kenan's new watch


Yesterday we had a student-led parent-teacher conference.  That means Shana’s teacher was hanging around if we needed her, but it was Shana’s job to be the teacher for 20 minutes and teach us what she’s been learning this term.  We got to see her art, hear music and rhythm, learn cursive (modern cursive is different from how we learned it!), explore a giant ear, and more.  Shana started out kind of shy but warmed up to the role and thoroughly enjoyed showing off her knowledge to us.


While Shana was teaching us, Sharon showed Kenan how to play Battleship, so today we’re making paper boards and playing at home.

Kenan playing Battleship


I’m looking forward to watching Avatar (in 3D) this afternoon!  I’ve been wanting to for weeks and there’s never been a good time.  There still isn’t, but today that’s not stopping me.


We’re hopefully settling (or making progress?) on what colours to paint Shana’s room.


Tomorrow Sharon is coming over to help us plan for Passover.  We’re going to have a big crowd this year!  Besides Sharon and my parents we’ve invited a family with three young girls and another family with five children from Shana’s age up to 18 or so.


Kenan loves his Calgary Flames jersey he got for Christmas, if you haven’t already noticed.

Kenan, Flame Fan