Here’s what’s up this weekend:

1. We recently switched to Shaw’s cable telephone but they installed a big ugly box right in the guest room, flashing lights and all!  This morning the kids & I put on our electricians’ hats and moved it to our “server room”.  As they say, “you don’t own it until you void the warranty!”

2. My computer has been broken for the last week or two, but it came back from the shop this week, so I have some catching up to do with my work on Americas-Mailbox.

3. Sometimes I wonder if it’s really worthwhile running side businesses–especially ones with U.S. income.  It just makes tax season that much more complicated!  For the second year I’ve hired a tax accountant to do the hard word, but I still have some bits of papers to get together for him today.  (It *is* worthwhile though–last year he got me $1800 USD that I could have been receiving every year if only I’d known what to do.)

4. This weekend we’re looking at paint colours and maybe a chair rail in our slow re-design of Shana’s room.  New bedding has already been ordered and we want the room to be ready(ier) when it arrives in a few weeks.

5. Helen and Shana are gardening today.  Yes, it feels like spring!  Shana thinks she can wear capris but I suspect she’ll be back in for a change of clothes soon.  We’re not planting anything yet, just spreading compost and cleaning things up a bit.

6. Last week I graduated from Balloon Twisting 101.  Our floor is littered with my (and the kids’) creations.  Maybe I’ll find time today to practice a few more twisted techniques.  How about balloon polyhedra?

An attempt at Olympic rings

7. Mom and Dad arrive in just a couple of days, and we’ve kind of messed up their suite.  We’ve got some cleaning to do!