The beach was actually only one day squeezed into a busy week.  Our real reason for going to Florida was for a nephew (once removed)’s bar mitzvah.  Mazel tov, Zach!

Shana and Kenan were good sports through the long services Friday evening and Saturday morning, but they really loved dressing up for the fancy dinner Saturday night at a newly renovated historical house.

Snazzy clothes, their very own kids' table (when Mommy isn't snooping), and candy on their plates.

We spent lots of time with family–Helen’s cousins and aunts and uncles–but also enjoyed sharing our rented bungalow with her sister Susan, Joseph…

…and their son Ishi.

Hey there's a camera on me, I'd better act up!

Look, a camera! I'd better act up!

Sometimes we’d all just zone out watching TV…

… or reading our books …

Of course we saved time for ice cream!

And did I mention we spent a day at the beach?

Before we knew it, it was time to pack everything back up and go home.