Food, IncI recently won tickets from SPUD to a new movie in the theaters called Food Inc.   It was a documentary-type film about the food industry and how it works.   I liked it, it shows you where your food comes from without inducing a guilt trip. 

I think one of it’s main points was that every time we shop around for the cheapest deal, we are getting cheap quality as well as cheap prices.  When all we care about is the price, no one cares about the animals that make our food, they don’t care about the workers that process it, they don’t care what poisons we get in our food, they don’t care if we die from it, as long as it’s cheap. 

Now, most of us don’t know if there is poison or if people are dying or anything at all about the animals, and we assume what we don’t know won’t hurt us.  However, it’s a vicious circle, as we cannot find out either, because many companies are behind closed doors, self-regulating, no one knows what goes on there and no one asks questions.  And those who dare to oppose, well, let’s just say they are silenced.  And that’s where the problems come in, when too much power is concentrated in too few people. 

Change comes slowly, but it does come, and this movie is an attempt to pull back the curtain so people can know where their food comes from and make informed decisions. 

At my house, I will definitely continue to eat and buy organic and local whenever possible.  I even buy organic grapes when it’s my turn to bring snack to preschool.   Every time I tell the marketplace I want something cheap, well, that’s what I’m going to get!  No Thanks! 

A thought on Fair Oaks Farms that Dad sent on:  that was not in the movie, but maybe it should have been.  I like that place, the thing I liked most was the glass walls and the info center: you could see what they did and how they did it; no hiding anything. They also spotlighted one organic farm in the Shenandoah Valley, VA:  Polyface Farms.  That is definitely where I’d buy my meat if I lived anywhere near there!

This movie is in a theater near you.  If you’re ready for some food for thought, get out there and see it.   Just a small piece of advice while you are watching the movie:  don’t buy popcorn.  Not this movie. 

Happy Eating!