scrabbleI finally shut down Scrabble-Master.

I was sort of forced to, as the server it was running on got upgraded and the old code wouldn’t work any more.  Rather than try to fix it I decided to take it off life support.

But it was a bitter-sweet decision.  I started it in 1997 to play with P&L when they were in Chad, and over 26,000 games have been played since then.  I feel like it’s part of me, but at the same time I haven’t actually played it myself for several years, and the occasional time when it needs some attention from me I have to figure out all over again how to login and fix whatever is broken.

The best part of it has been the emails I get from the regular players, most with touching stories of using it to stay in contact with family or friends oceans apart.  After all, that’s what started it all, isn’t it?

I hope nobody minds if I quote from some of the emails I’ve received over the years…

Boo-hoo!  I’ve been playing online Scrabble with my mom (and sister, three-way) for about a year.  We started when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and playing Scrabble was an excuse to get all of us emailing every day to “be there” for Mom during the worst summer of her life.


P.S.  Mom’s now cancer-free!

[Scrabble-Master] has been my salvation to keeping myself and my two daughters in touch in a more personal style.  When we all lived in [the same state] we just loved to play Scrabble on the board and when we visit each other we drag out the old game.  When not with each other your game has added such a wonderful touch to this old gray lady.

-Anita, U.S.

Thank you for everything you do/have done to provide Scrabble Master. My friend in France and myself in Great Britain have enjoyed very many games.

-Nicky, UK

This is sad news indeed. I have been playing Scrabble [with Scrabble-Master] for many years with my friend […] who is prevented from visiting because she is allergic to cats. […] We have had years of fun, and will miss the site very much.

-Pam, UK

Thank you so very much for all the pleasure that your Scrabble Mastering has brought to two of my friends and myself. Words cannot express the delight we felt each day as we anticipated our exchanges.

I hope that your sister with whom you originally exchanged Scrabbling does not feel as bereft as the three of us feel at the conclusion of these glorious Scrabble days.

-Camy, since 2004

My mother and I have been playing on line using Scrabble-Master for several years now. She’s 81 years old, and has lived alone (800 miles from where I live) since my father passed away. Scrabble-Master has provided a way for us to play our favorite game (as well as keeping in touch with daily e-mails). I know you wrote the program so you could play with your family, but your project has meant a great deal to our family. Many sincere thanks.


My addiction! Yes it is!! Thanks for being my enabler Nate.

[…] My Australian friend and I have enjoyed many hundreds of hours playing over the past few years so thank you.

-Cheryl, U.S., one of my earliest “customers”

[…] I am on a ship that receives emails 4 times a day […]


Thanks so much for creating Scrabble Master. It totally rocks! My friend and I have been enjoying our long distance game 😉