My brothers and father take business trips so often they don’t even mention them anymore, but they’re still a rarity in my life so I can’t help but share.  🙂

pike market starbucksLast week I got to go on a last-minute trip to Microsoft Mecca in Redmond, Washington.  Along with two of my co-workers and a couple dozen other developers, I spent three days at the Platform Adoption Center, talking with Microsoft developers, program managers, and “technical evangelists” (as they’re called).  (We also got a coffee at the original Starbucks, by Pike Market.)

The goal of the invitation-only event was for us to learn how best to design our software so it lights up on Windows 7 (the next version of Windows, on new PCs in time for Christmas), and for Microsoft to gain a better understanding of their customers needs.

To that end they set us up with a private office configured with the latest and greatest hardware and software on which we can test and develop our software; one-on-one time with their staff to discuss the challenges we face; and group sessions where they could present the new features being introduced.  The most valuable to us though was the one-on-one, where we could discuss our software specifically with someone who really knows what he’s talking about.  Also valuable were the email addresses of the various speakers, all of whom encouraged us to feel free to email them personally if we ran into any problems on the way.  They’ll be hearing from us!