Well, up here in the frozen north it does sometimes get really nice, and today, the celebration of Canada’s Birthday, as most people call it, was a gorgeous day to go out to Heritage Park  and have some good ole’ family fun. 


Waving their train engineer hats (leftover from Kenan’s train birthday party, yes Mom, they finally came!)  at the real steam engine train that goes through. 


She rode a real rollercoaster ride that has a black cover go over it halfway through.  She said it wasn’t scary at all! 


All ready for his Bar Mitzvah!  They have a new building at Heritage Park, an old synagogue that they really picked up from the Alberta Prairies (near Sibbald, Alberta) and the people working inside actually knew what they were talking about!  The kids asked lots of good questions.  They had a matzah cover with some words on it in Hebrew, and I was surprised that I couldn’t read it… so I asked, and the lady said it was in Yiddish!  Well no wonder…

And now we are all ready to look forward to the Fourth of July coming up this weekend!!