Kenan played his last game of soccer of the season today.  He thoroughly enjoyed the six weeks or so we got to play (we missed the first two weeks while we were in Virginia).  He’s a tough and tireless little kid out there on the soccer pitch.

The Under-Six teams are organized by each community, and it’s been really nice to have every game within walking distance of home, playing with other kids from the area (one we just discovered lives on our street, just a few blocks down from us).

Kenan is very proud of his “adult medals” as he calls them, because they are heavy, made of real metal instead of the usual plastic.

Showing off his medals

Get that ball!

Monday was a cold rainy day, but the kids still had fun.

Getting a little snack with the Assistant Coach

Fun in the rain

Some fast soccer action

Rainy day

More rainy day