Yesterday, we have STEVE, from Blue’s Clues!  Notice not only the striped shirt which first made Kenan think of Steve, but also the khaki pants, belt that you can see (shirt tucked in) and shoes in the house.  And of course the Handy Dandy Notebook with green crayon! 



And today we have, wait….is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  Is it Kenan?  No, it’s SUPERMAN!!!!


Notice, the big red boots, and (an almost) red cape, and the red gloves.  He really wanted a big red S for the front of his shirt, but the furthest I would go was looking up online what colors Superman really has.   He likes this picture because it looks like his hand is touching the ceiling. 

For tomorrow, he is working on his LarryBoy outfit!  Don’t forget the Super Suction Ears!