Cleaning the KitchenToday two people have taken over our kitchen.  They are going through every item of food and throwing away any that were open or packaged in pretty much anything other than glass.  Likewise all plastic containers (like Tupperware) are in the throw-away pile.  Every item that’s thrown away is meticulously described on a sheet of paper which they will submit to the adjuster.  Presumably we get paid back for them and we go shopping, but I’m not yet sure how that part works!

Besides throwing things away, they are also scrubbing every square inch of the walls, ceiling, counters, cabinets, windows, fridge, even behind the fridge, with various chemicals to clean up the smoke residue, including all food containers and dishes that didn’t get thrown out.

Even with all that effort (they’ve been at it since 9 am, with a third person helping them out for a few hours) there are some areas they just can’t reach (above cabinets that almost–but not quite–touch the ceiling) so they’re coming back on Monday to “fog it”.  Some kind of harsh chemical they spray in the cracks.  We have to be out of the house for a few hours until the fog lifts I guess.

Monday they’ll also clean the couch and chairs, the lights, the floor, and possibly more, depending on how the smell is.