Jobs I’m Really Glad I Don’t Have: 

This week the temperature has been High of -21 C, low of -24 C, feels like -35C.  Sometimes it’s backwards and just gets colder throughout the day and never peaks at all.  In Farenheit this is called “Below Zero.”  Here is my attempt at being thankful! 

Top Ten Jobs I’m Really Glad I Don’t Have This Week:


10.  Police Officer (licence and insurance pppppplease)

9.   Ice Cream Shop Owner (little slow on business?)

8.   Guys who hand out free newspapers on the streetcorners downtown.  (They do get paid, but I just don’t think it’s enough!)

7.  Bicycle Courier downtown (they probably still wear shorts!)

6.  Window Washer

5.  Ski Lift Operator

4.  Travel Agent with no personal vacation days left this year

3.  Bus Driver / Taxi Driver (that ice on the roads is just not going away, and neither are the drivers who don’t know what they are doing!)

2.  Garbage Collector (Listening to them picking up my garbage early one morning is what gave me the idea for this post, and made me really thankful I was still in my slippers having tea!)

And the Number One Job I’m really glad I don’t have this week: 

1.  The man at the intersection with the sign: 

Homeless and Hungry Anything Helps Merry Xmas