We’ve never connected so deeply to our Dutch roots to even celebrate Sinterklaas day on December 5.  

But this year thanks to my parents being in town visiting, and more importantly thanks to some friends of theirs in the Netherlands (distant Hekman cousins?) who explained to them what happens, Sinterklaas actually dropped by for a visit!  

Yes, and Black Pete too, the nasty man, littering our house with cookies.  The kids were initially scared, but once they figured out what was going on were happy to clean them up (with chocolate milk).

Here are the kids putting their shoes out last night, and the transformation the next morning.  The kids each got a chocolate letter and a toy.  I got chocolade hagel (which I’ve been craving!), and Helen some yummy chocolates from Peru.  (Think Sinterklaas was down there with Grandpa on his recent trip?!)  Even Grandma and Grandpa’s shoes got Peruvian chocolate and coffee.

Putting the shoes out

After the midnight visit