Yesterday evening I was out shopping by myself and noticed we were getting low on gas, but was too lazy to actually get any.  It was cold, and dark, and I hate getting gas, especially in the cold, and the dark.  Nate is usually very chivalrous about doing it for me. 

So this morning I asked Nate to take the car to work and put gas in it.  He calls me a few minutes later and says he only made it a distance which we would describe in meters, not miles.  Just past the school which is right by our house.  So I had to wake Shana up from a deep sleep, get Kenan out of bed, have them throw sweats over their pajamas and go rescue Daddy.   Who was actually rescuing me.  

Luckily the van currently has insurance on it, but unluckily it has no seats in back, so the kids lay down on a blanket and we hoped no one with the power to ticket us would notice.  The local gas station was out of gas cans, so we had to go farther, but with no seats on busy roads at rush hour, we decided to wait it out at a local drug store while Nate got a gas can.  The kids sure had fun, but when we got home were pretty crabby!  img_0872It sure put a spin on our morning!

Next time I’m too lazy to get gas, I’ll remember the alternative!