Helen has appointed me the science teacher, and I am greatly enjoying the role.  Partly I enjoy it because it’s fun for me, but mostly because the kids just CAN’T WAIT for science night every week, and were in tears one Tuesday night when I had to cancel it.

I like to think they look forward to it so much because of the teacher.  But a big part of it is also the topic:  boats and buoyancy.  I.e., we get to play in water every week.

Tonight we learned (though not in these words) that you can make a boat more stable by lowering its centre of gravity or by widening its base.

This boat tipped over because its mast made it top-heavy:

This boat fell over because it was top-heavy.

The pennies made this boat stable despite the big weight at the top of the mast:

The pennies in this boat make it stable despite the big weight on the mast.

We added pontoons (or ‘water wings’ as Shana calls them) to make this boat stable:

The "water wings" make this boat stable.