[I thought I’d posted this a week ago but just noticed it’s still in my drafts…]

Our digital world is collapsing around us.  Is it sun spots, or have we angered the binary gods?

  • Last weekend our digital camera died without warning.  I wasn’t too sad, I’ve never liked that camera, but replacing it of course costs money that’s not in our budget.
  • Last Monday our home network died.  I still don’t know what happened, but our Linksys router has been flakey for months so I just took it out of its our misery and replaced it with a new Linksys Wireless-N router which I fortunately had lying around.  That one’s flakey too but in a different way.  I’m considering breaking my allegience to Linksys and moving to D-Link, but that’s not in our budget either.
  • Yesterday our desktop computer died.  It won’t even boot.  I think the hard drive is pooched.  Blaine, you’re reading this, right?  Come back from your holidays rested and soon, okay?

All we’re left with is our old Inspiron (which faithful readers will remember died two years ago and has been on life support ever since) and a calculator that looks like it came out of a box of Wheaties 20 years ago.

All my Americas-Mailbox work is lost (ha! scared you Don!) safely backed up, but I have no computer to restore it to yet.

You could say we’re on a forced technological Sabbath.