Past the calming dip and rise, dip and rise of the electric lines outside my window is all blowing white snow and trees.  Occasionally we pass a farmhouse or country business.  More occasionally still a town with some beautiful name like Saint-Redempteur, Saint Apollinaire, and Val Alain, filled with small homes with their sloping roofs and the little curve at the bottom. 

We just passed a cemetary headed by a huge cross and a life-size Jesus hanging from it.  I guess the reminder of his death is supposed to comfort us in ours, though I would prefer a symbol of his life instead.

Traveling by train is incredible after all the stress of air travel.  We should do this more often.

There was no line up at the station.  No security checks.  Two minutes after getting out of the cab I was already checked through and just waiting for the train to arrive.  I wasn’t even at the station I’d originally purchased a ticket for, but the agents didn’t bat an eye.  (Imagine buying a plane ticket out of one city and then showing up at another trying to catch a flight!)

When the train arrived everyone was on within a few minutes (no showing your ticket either, at least not until later.)

I have the cheapest fare available but the seats are as wide as first-class on a plane, with tonnes of leg room.  The luggage racks above and below the seats are twice the size of those on a plane.  There are no seatbelts anywhere.  Wifi is available for $9 for 24 hours, and there are even power outlets for every seat.

If you want peaceful, pick train travel.

(Edited later:  Ah, here’s the downside of rail travel:  they just announced a 20-30 minte delay due to a broken freight train ahead of us!  Good thing I’ve got a long layover in Montréal!)