img_9533.jpgWe’ve been reading “Peter Pan and Wendy”, in the original, to Shana and Kenan lately.  We started before heading to Florida and finished up while there.  We have also let them watch the Disney movie (after the book, of course!).  Their favorite ride at Disney World was ‘Peter Pan’s Flight’.  Palm Tree Gramma bought Kenan a Peter Pan set of figures at Disney , and a few months ago I even found a Pirate hat for Kenan that he’s been enjoying lately!  To top it all off, we bought Peter Pan Peanut Butter while in Florida! 

Below, Kenan is eating his lunch while being Pirate Captain Hook!  The hat, of course, is essential, and he walked around all morning with his hand in his sleeve and that toy ice cream with a little “hook” on the end of it!  Say, “Aaarrrgggghhhh!”


Here we are at the Mall of America in Minn./St. Paul, MN, holding ‘hooks’ with Captain Hook.