Our dirt-cheap hotel (Value Place) only cleans your room once every two weeks, but when they do, they make it cute!  Here’s what we came back to after a day on the town.


Value Place was pretty good value.  Around $300 per week (that’s less than $50/day).  You get a no-frills but clean hotel-like room with a kitchenette (full-size fridge, sink, two burners, microwave oven, and cupboards).  A few extras were included that you don’t get in a hotel, like high-speed Internet access (bring your own ethernet cable or rent one for $10/wk), a laundry basket, and storage under the beds for suitcases.  A few things we felt should have come standard but were missing, like an answering machine or answering service (no way for anyone to leave us a message if we’re not in the room, and our Canadian cell phones cost too much in the U.S. to use).  And you pay extra for things that are standard in hotels, like towels.  No dishes included in the kitchenette either, though they’ll sell you a kit for $60 (we opted for paper plates, plastic cutlery and a $5 frying pan from the Publix next door).  The staff were excellent.  Overall I’d call it decent value, but not something you’d do if you were wanting a “pamper me” vacation.