It’s Christmas Eve and all through the house
every kid is bursting with excitement, like water from a spout.



Okay, enough with the attempt at poetry.  I’ll stick with pictures.

To keep our minds off of gifts we made candles in the afternoon.


In the evening we opened just the gifts we gave each other.

Kenan got “The Giving Tree” (but we had to assure Shana several times that we’d read it to her too).


I got a big surprise, an iPod!  I think I’m saying “Woah, dude!”


Shana got a set of Boxcar Children books, which she recently got on CD so now she can read along.


Helen chose not to have her picture taken in the thermal underwear I got her but was happy with the gift nonetheless.  Note that the gift was not the underwear, the gift was the buying of it, because when can Helen get the time to go to MEC with two kids?! 

Helen’s Love Language is service.  But to me a gift of service just seemed too cheap so I got her a Starbucks card to go with it.

The kids were still not asleep by 10pm but Helen and I were tired so we risked it and filled their stockings anyway, and hung Kenan’s new stocking from Grandma that he hadn’t seen yet.