Christmas Day —

Glory Hallelujah, the kids let us sleep in until 8!  Kenan had no clue it was Christmas so he just came in our room to cuddle as is his wont.  Shana was just a few minutes behind and you could tell by the glow that followed her in that she knew what day it was!  We let them go discover their stockings without us, and followed them down a few minutes later.

They were very impressed with the loot, the new stocking for Kenan that magically appeared (there’s still much hot debate over how it got there–did Grandma and Kipper come down the chimney with it?–but the favoured theory among the children is that Grandma gave it to Santa Claus out East and asked him to deliver it). 

(Interesting aside:  we’ve never told the kids Santa Claus is for real, in fact quite the opposite, only this year for the first time Shana has stopped believing us and started believing in him.)

Here are Shana and Kenan opening the books from Grandma and Grandpa.  (Shana requested the water hole as a bedtime story tonight.)


The moment Kenan unwrapped these PJs from G&G he started stripping.


But the moment he unwrapped the hockey outfit from Tony, he was stripping again!


Tony’s gifts of Ottawa Senators jersey, pants, gloves, hat and bus were definitely the highlight of Kenan’s Christmas.  In fact he’s sleeping with the bus right now.  Thank you Tony!

Shana is thoroughly enjoying her Madeline doll and while the rest of us napped she listened to the CD of grandma reading Madeline’s Christmas.  She was especially excited to hear Nikki on the CD, who said “hmm!”.


In the afternoon we painted the covered wagon Shana got from Jordan.  Shana was so excited that the instructions said to paint it first, because that’s her favourite part (and her neat-freak parents’ least favourite).  The copious globs of paint are drying overnight and we’ll glue it together tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone, and to all a good night.