With a nice chinook wind blowing through Calgary this weekend it looked like a great time to try out the two-lined stunt kite Mom and Dad bought me for my birthday.  So after church we all went to Nose Hill to try it out.

Flying high

Can you see it?  No, look down!  Further, further, yeah, there it is, in the grass.

Looks like I’ve got some more theory to read up on.

The wind was pretty sporadic, so at this point I’m laying most of the blame on it.  The temperature hovering around zero and it being 1pm and the kids hadn’t had lunch yet, well, they were amazingly great about it all but that certainly added some pressure to the beginning kitist.

We did have better luck with the dragon kite the kids bought me, though even it wouldn’t stay up for more than a minute before the wind would suddenly choose to die down completely.

Flying the dragon

A few more weekends–maybe some without kids–and I’ll post some videos of a successful loop!